Boys From Brazil, The




Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller




Franklin J. Schaffner


Ira Levin, Heywood Gould


Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier, James Mason, Lilli Palmer, Uta Hagen, Steve Guttenberg, Denholm Elliott, Rosemary Harris, John Dehner, John Rubinstein, Anne Meara, Jeremy Black, Bruno Ganz, Walter Gotell, David Hurst


Barry Kohler, a young Nazi hunter, tracks down a group of former SS officers meeting in Paraguay in the late 1970s. The Nazis, led by Dr Mengele, are planning something. Old Nazi hunter, Ezra Lieberman, is at first uninterested in Kohler's findings. But when he is told something of their plan, he is eager to find out more. Lieberman visits several homes in Europe and the U.S. in order to uncover the Nazi plot. It is at one of these houses he notices something strange, which turns out to be a horrible discovery. ------- A young aspiring Nazi hunter is in Paraguay keeping an eye on Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor who performed experiments on Jews during the war. The man has been calling famed Nazi hunter, Ezra Lieberman and Lieberman is annoyed by his calls. When Mengele has some guests he decides to bug his meeting. Just when he was about to get some details, Mengele finds the bug. So he runs off and calls Liberman and tells him that Mengele is planning to kill 96 men who are 65 years old all over the world. Just as he was going to tell Liberman more, Mengele finds him and kills him. Liberman receives some photos he sent of Mengele's guests, he recognizes some of them as Nazis so he decides to keep an eye out for a rash death of 65 year old men. Mengele upon learning of Liberman's snooping wants him killed but his superiors won't let him. When Liberman visits some of the homes of the men who are killed, he discovers that all of them have an adopted son who all resemble each other. ------- A young inexperienced Nazi Hunter stumbles onto a secret SS meeting in 1970's South America. Led by the infamous Doctor Josef Mengele, the plot of the Nazis is first dismissed as unimportant by veteran Nazi hunter Lieberman. When the young Nazi hunter turns up murdered, however, Lieberman investigates the mysterious meeting and discovers an insane plot to resurrect the F├╝hrer Adolf Hitler and establish the Fourth Reich. ------- From the jungles of Paraguay, Dr. Josef Mengele, the chief doctor at Auschwitz, plans the rebirth of the Nazi empire. He sends his minions to assassinate 94 men over a two year period just around the time they will turn 65 years of age. Famed Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman gets hold of this information and isn't quite sure how killing these 65-year old men will lead to a new Nazi regime. That is, until he visits some of the dead men's families and sees their sons.



125 minutes (at 23.97 frames per second)


700 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 640x352