Foreign Correspondent




Mystery, Romance, Thriller, War




Alfred Hitchcock


Charles Bennett, Joan Harrison


Joel McCrea, Laraine Day, Herbert Marshall, George Sanders, Albert Bassermann, Robert Benchley, Edmund Gwenn, Eduardo Ciannelli, Harry Davenport, Martin Kosleck, Frances Carson, Ian Wolfe, Charles Wagenheim, Eddie Conrad, Charles Halton


Johnny Jones is an action reporter on a New York newspaper. The editor appoints him European correspondent because he is fed up with the dry, reports he currently gets. Jones' first assignment is to get the inside story on a secret treaty agreed between two European countries by the famous diplomat, Mr. Van Meer. However things don't go to plan and Jones enlists the help of a young woman to help track down a group of spies. ------- Johnny Jones, an insubordinate city desk reporter, is sent to London as a foreign correspondent. There he interviews Van Meer, leader of a peace movement endorsed by Universal Peace Party head Stephen Fisher. Johnny finds fisher's pretty young daughter, Carol, more interesting than the movement. In Amsterdam, Van Meer apparently is assassinated. Johnny and journalist Scott ffolliett follow the assassin into the countryside. Johnny investigates a windmill and find the real Van Meer, a drugged prisoner. His captors escape with their prisoner, and Johnny's story is not believed. After attempts on Johnny's life, Carol believes him. Now in love, they return to London, where Johnny realizes that her father is actually the leader of the conspirators. Johnny tries to protect Carol, who is totally innocent, but she misinterprets his motives, and they quarrel. He and Scott try without success to convince Scotland Yard of Fisher's conspiracy to stall peace efforts. Then war is declared. On board a clipper plane, Fisher explains to his daughter that he was only being loyal to his native country. Johnny, also on the plane, tries to make up with Carol. ------- In 1939, the editor of the New York Globe invites the tough reporter John Jones to be the substitute for the inefficient Stebbins as foreign correspondent in London. His first assignment is to interview the Dutch leader Mr. Van Meer in his lecture for peace in London to know about the possibility of a declaration of war against Germany. Johnny meets Stephen Fisher, the leader of the organization Universal Peace Party that promotes peace, and his beautiful daughter Carol Fisher, and he has a crush on Carol. When Van Meer is apparently murdered in Amsterdam, Johnny follows the assassin with Carol and the journalist Scott ffolliett through the countryside and discovers that Van Meer has been abducted indeed. However, nobody believes on the truth and he tangle with an international conspiracy. ------- Fed up with the poor quality of news reporting he's getting from his reporters in Europe the editor of the New York Morning Globe, Mr. Powers, sends crime reporter John Jones to London to find out what is really going on there on the eve of war. Jones is told to make contact with a well-known diplomat, Van Meer, who may be negotiating arrangements that could have a direct impact on whether war is declared. Jones meets Van Meer and also Stephen Fisher the leader of a peace movement and Fisher's attractive daughter Carol. When Van Meer is apparently assassinated in front of him, Jones sets off after the gunman only to find that the real Van Meer has been kidnapped and is being held by Nazi spies. Jones tries to get to bottom of what is going on but it all comes to a head on a flight home over the Atlantic.



120 minutes (at 30.11 frames per second)


704 MB


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