George And The Dragon




Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance


USA, Germany, UK, Luxembourg


Tom Reeve


Tom Reeve, Michael Burks


James Purefoy, Piper Perabo, Patrick Swayze, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bill Treacher, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Rollo Weeks, Paul Freeman, Stefan Jürgens, Stefan Weinert, Phil McKee, Caroline Carver, Simon Callow, Joan Plowright, Carl Chase


The first crusade to free the Holy Land has ended. A mass of weary knights, squires, soldiers of fortune and priests are making their way home across a Europe that has changed forever. George, a handsome English knight, unsettled by the horrendous bloodletting he witnessed in Palestine, desires to hang up his sword and settle down to a quiet, peaceful life. On returning to England, George heads north where he's heard the land is good and the population sparse and of a kindly King named Edgaar. He finds King Edgaar in a terrible state. His beautiful daughter, Lunna has recently disappeared. In return for a small plot of land, George agrees to search for Princess Lunna. With Edgaar's faithful servant, Elmendorf, George sets out. George discovers both the princess and the truth behind her strange disappearance. The quest now set before them ends in a love, a lie and a legend that has lasted a thousand years. ------- George, a noble English knight, returns from the First Crusade, where he befriended the Moor Tariq and took him to his ancestral Europe, rowing with rather worldly father Bernard aboard. George's father, Sir Robert, reminds him of his prediction that the son will finish his fight with the dragons. This story George never took serious, but still takes the 'dragon horn' along when he travels north on the Pict border to settle in the small Christian kingdom of Crail. Here the beloved King Edgar has only one worry, the disappearance of his heiress princess Luna. Promised a plot to farm on as reward, George joins the quest with loyal royal retainer Elmendorf 'Elf' and the princess's haughty fiancé Garth, whose only priority is winning the throne while his guard is nearly worthless. They find Bulchar's gang of robbers is after her for ransom. She isn't kidnapped but has taken upon herself to guard the egg of Adelaide, the last dragon, which she called Smythe, and is determined to protect the species from extinction. It's a long and perilous journey, while some friends prove foes and once the other way around, and opinions on the dragon's fate oppose even true friends.



90 minutes (at 25 frames per second)


1493 MB


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