Back To The Future Part III




Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Western




Robert Zemeckis


Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale


Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Thomas F. Wilson, Lea Thompson, Elisabeth Shue, Matt Clark, Richard Dysart, Pat Buttram, Harry Carey Jr., Dub Taylor, James Tolkan, Marc McClure, Wendie Jo Sperber, Jeffrey Weissman


Stranded in 1955, Marty McFly receives written word from his friend, Doctor Emmett Brown, as to where can be found the DeLorean time machine. However, an unfortunate discovery prompts Marty to go to his friend's aid. Using the time machine, Marty travels to the old west where his friend has run afoul of a gang of thugs and has fallen in love with a local schoolteacher. Using the technology from the time, Marty and Emmett devise one last chance to send the two of them back to the future. ------- This movie picks up where the last one left off--Marty stuck in 1955 after watching the Delorean vanish after being struck by lightning with Doc in it. But moments after, he got a letter from Doc that tells him he was sent to 1885. But the Delorean was damaged and he can't repair it. So he placed it somewhere where he hopes Marty can find it in 1955 and hopefully his younger version can repair it so that Marty can return to 1985. So he goes to the 1955 Doc Brown and tells him about what happened and shows him the letter. So they set out to find the Delorean and do which was hidden near a cemetery. After finding the Delorean, Marty and Doc were about to leave when they find a tombstone with Doc's name on it that says he was killed a few days after he sent the letter and that he was killed by someone named Buford Tannen. Marty and Doc go to the library and learn that Tannen was a crazed gunman and a photo of Doc in 1885. Marty then decides to go back to 1885 to save Doc. Upon arriving, the Delorean gets damaged and the gas tank is leaking. Marty then goes to town to look for Doc. But along the way he meets Tannen and gets on his bad side. Doc saves him and Tannen threatens Doc. Marty then shows Doc the photo of his tombstone. That's when Marty and Doc get ready to leave. But when Marty tells him about the gas tank, Doc tells him, without gas they can't get the Delorean up to 88 miles per hour to activate the time circuits. So they scurry to find a way to get it up to that speed before Doc gets shot. They think they found one which they plan to implement on the day he gets shot. Doc then meets Clara Clayton, the town's new schoolteacher and is smitten with her. That's when he has second thoughts about leaving. When Tannen tries to make a move on Doc, Marty stops him that's when Tannen challenges Marty to a gunfight. Marty initially declines but when Tannen calls him a coward, Marty accepts. Doc and Marty's ancestor tries to convince him he's making a mistake. ------- The conclusion of the trilogy sends Marty McFly on a rescue mission to the year 1885, where he must save Doc Brown from death at the hands of yet another member of the Tannen clan. However, there are a number of complications preventing a quick return to the future: a lack of gasoline for the time-traveling DeLorean, a band of gunslinging outlaws and a schoolmarm with affections for the smitten Doc. ------- Stranded in 1955 after a freak burst of lightning, Marty must travel to 1885 to rescue Doc Brown from a premature end. Surviving an Indian attack and unfriendly townsfolk, Marty finds Doc Brown the blacksmith. But with the Doc under the spell of the charming Clara Clayton, it's up to Marty to get them out of the wild west and back to the future. ------- With the Almanac destroyed by Marty McFly and the time line back on its original course, things are not all well. Dr. Emmett L. Brown and the time machine were somehow struck by lightning, and Marty was somehow received a letter from Doc that he is okay, and in the year 1885. Marty and the 1955 Doc fixed up the time machine after digging it up from a mine, then Marty discovers a grave stone with Doc's name on it, indicating that he will be killed by a man named Beuford Tannen (Biff's ancestor). Marty makes an effort to travel to 1885 to save Doc from his bleak future. But Marty does something to the time machine to not make it run, now Marty and Doc have to figure out to get back to 1985. Unfortunately, this will not be easy with Doc madly in love with a school teacher Clara Clayton, and with Beuford Tannen causing constant trouble for Marty and Doc.



114 minutes (at 25 frames per second)


687 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 612x320