Cincinnati Kid, The








Norman Jewison


Richard Jessup, Ring Lardner Jr.


Lalo Schifrin


John Calley, Martin Ransohoff


Steve McQueen, Ann-Margret, Karl Malden, Tuesday Weld, Edward G. Robinson, Joan Blondell, Rip Torn, Jack Weston, Cab Calloway, Jeff Corey, Theodore Marcuse, Milton Selzer, Karl Swenson, Émile Genest, Ron Soble


In 1930s New Orleans, the Cincinnati Kid, a young stud poker player who travels from one big game to the next, stopping along the way up with various girls, is pitted against the legendary champion card-sharp Lancey Howard in a high-stakes poker game. ------- In 1930's New Orleans, Eric Stoner, better known as the Cincinnati Kid in the circles in which he travels, is an up and coming gambler, most specifically in back room games of stud poker. When the older Lancey Howard comes to town, he who is known as the best in the game, the Kid wants to play him and win so that his reputation will rise in gambling circles. The Kid's friend Shooter arranges the game easily as the Kid's reputation precedes him. In the lead up to the game, the Kid faces numerous distractions including: Christian, his girlfriend who wants more of a commitment from him; Melba, Shooter's sluttish wife, who lets it be known she is willing to cheat on Shooter just like she cheats on everything else in life; and the increasing betting odds against him in the big game. The wealthy William Jefferson Slade tries to blackmail Shooter, the dealer, into rigging the game in the Kid's favor solely to get back at Lancey. Problems may ensue for the Kid because of the attempted blackmail, regardless of if Shooter buckles under the pressure. ------- The film follows the story of a young poker player who comes to 30s New Orleans to face the best player of the country, the one known as "the Man". The Man has been the master of the game for many years now, so our "hero" thinks it is time for him to take his place. And he believes he can make it without the "help" a gangster offers.



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