Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller


Canada, UK


David DeBartolomé


Brad Mirman


Christopher Lambert, Kelly Brook, Ron Perlman, Roberta Angelica, Neville Edwards, Tre Smith, James Kidnie, Topaz Hasfal-Schou, Donald Burda, Graham Kartna, Adam Bramble, Sarah Plommer, Neil Foster, Vanessa Winton


In the near future, a virus has infected everyone on the planet, and Absolon is a drug that everyone must take to stay alive. One corporation controls the drug. Murchison is the leader of this firm. A scientist who was researching the virus is found murdered, and Norman Scott is the policeman who investigates the crime. Soon Norman realizes that he's in over his head, as hitmen are gunning for him. ------- In the year 2010, a virus infected everyone on the planet, wiping out half the population. Absolon is a drug regimen everyone must now take to stay alive. One corporation controls the drug and Murchison [[Ron Perlman]] is its leader. A corporate scientist, who was researching the virus, is found murdered. Norman Scott [[Christopher Lambert]] is the policeman assigned to investigate the crime. He eventually uncovers a conspiracy involving the scientist. He is given a partial dosage of the cure the scientist had been working on, but and soon realizes he is in over his head as he is being hunted by an assassination team. Scott goes on the run with Claire [[Kelly Brook]], one of the murdered scientist's colleagues. They find out the assassins are employed by Murchison. Scott discovers he is being chased down for the cure in his bloodstream. He is also able to kill the assassins chasing them. ------- In the year 2007 80% of human society is destroyed. The Survivors are depending on a medicine called "absolon". When a police officer examines the case of a murdered scientist, who was developing a permanent antidote for the virus-based disease, he discovers a conspiracy. While his mighty opponents believe that he himself is carrying the antidote inside his blood a hunting-party is getting after him. Only his partner and a female virus-doctor seem to back him up. But in whom can he trust?



93 minutes (at 25 frames per second)


551 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 688x400