Cat Women Of The Moon

Original Title

Cat-Women Of The Moon




Adventure, Sci-Fi




Arthur Hilton


Al Zimbalist, Jack Rabin, Roy Hamilton


Elmer Bernstein


Jack Rabin, Al Zimbalist


Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, Marie Windsor, William Phipps, Douglas Fowley, Carol Brewster, Susan Morrow, Suzanne Alexander, Bette Arlen, Roxann Delman, Ellye Marshall, Judy Walsh


Five astronauts travel to the dark side of the moon on a scientific expedition. There they discover a cave which somehow retains a breathable atmosphere. They remove their space suits and venture on, soon finding a buried city where the last members of a 2 million year old civilization greet them with food and drink. Little do they know that these eight lovely leotard-clad women are planning to steal their ship. ------- Released originally in both 3-D and 2-D versions, but the 3-D effects were kept to a minimum. A rocket ship from America is bound for the moon with Sonny Tufts as the commander, Victor Jory as the co-pilot (this was not NASA and astronauts no matter what the late-arriving revisionists might think), Marie Windsor as the navigator, Douglas Fowley as the engineer and Bill Phipps as the radio man. After landing where Windsor suggests, and going through some weird stuff and happenings, they find a cavern which leads them to signs of civilization. Since Jory has a gun and the others don't, there is some time spent trying to get his gun away from him. The non-astronaut space-travelers then find about a dozen attractive (some of them) females, who are all that is left of the original inhabitants. Jory discovers they control Windsor hypnotically and that they plan to learn the rocket-ship's secrets from the crew, and then use the ship to take off for Earth where, with their superior powers, they will assume control. Evidently, two or three of them made it. ------- Astronauts travel to the moon where they discover it is inhabited by attractive young women in black tights.



64 minutes (at 23.98 frames per second)


598 MB


MPEG-4 Visual - resolution: 512x384