Comedy, Drama





Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, George Wendt, Kelsey Grammer, Woody Harrelson, Kirstie Alley, Shelley Long


Sam Malone, a former baseball star, is the head of a nice little bar where Norm, Cliff, Dr. Frasier and all the other regular customers spend together a few hours every day, talking about their problems, laughing at each other's flaws, trying to be there when someone else needs them. "Cheers" is the place where everybody knows your name... ------- Sam Malone's drinking problem (which led him to buy the bar Cheers) soured his career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. When a young teaching assistant named Diane Chambers is left by her Professor fiancée, she took a job waitressing at Cheers, leading to a rocky, on-again, off-again relationship with Sam. The bar where everybody knows your name is home to: Sam's old Coach, naive farmboy Woody, know-it-all Cliff, bitter waitress Carla, troubled psychiatrist Frasier and his wife, and regular Norm, owner of the hugest bar tab. ------- Sumner Sloan abandons his fiancee, Diane Chambers, at the last moment, forcing her to get a job at a bar named "Cheers," and begins an on-again, off-again relationship with the owner, Sam "Mayday" Malone, a former baseball player. However, in the end, she goes to Summer, leaving Sam just like Sumner left her. Sam sells the bar and goes around the world, but upon returning, immediately sets out to buy it back from the new owner, Rebecca Howe. Also working at Cheers are the bartenders, Ernie "Coach" Pantusso and, after his death, small-town Woody Boyd, and headwaitress Carla Tortelli (LeBec). Frequent customers include Norm Peterson, an accountant (who eventually becomes a painter) with a tab the size of a Russian novel; Cliff Claven, an aging single mailman who lives with his mother; Frasier Crane, a psychiatrist and Diane's ex-boyfriend; Lilith Sternin (Crane), an extremely cold psychiatrist who eventually married and divorced Frasier; Robin Colcord, Rebecca's corporat! ------- Cheers is a bar in Boston owned by Sam Malone, a former Boston Red Sox pitcher, whose drinking problem ended his career. Helping Sam in the bar is Ernie Pantusso, whom he refers to as Coach and Carla, a tough waitress. Among the regulars are Norm, an accountant who spends most of his time at Cheers to avoid his wife, Vera and Cliff, a mailman, whose conceitedness, annoys everyone. Sam is also a womanizer, who thinks that there isn't a woman he can't have. Diane Chambers, a grad student, who was going away with her boyfriend, stops by the bar but he dumps her. Diane with nowhere else to go, gets a job as a waitress. Sam is attracted to her and makes his move but Diane is turned off by his smug attitude. Eventually they get together but break up and Diane gets a new boyfriend, psychiatrist, Fraiser Crane. They were about to get amrried when Diane leaves him and goes to the bar. The actor who played Coach died, so a new character, Woody Boyd was added. Sam and Diane would get engaged and were about to get married when Sam urged her to fulfill her dream to be a writer. Sam would sell the bar to a corporation. When Sam needed a job, he tried to get a job from the new manager, Rebecca Howe, whom Sam tried to make a move on but resisted, for awhile. Sam would eventually buy back the bar and make Rebecca the manager.




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