All Of Me




Comedy, Fantasy, Romance




Carl Reiner


Edwin Davis, Henry Olek


Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Tennant, Madolyn Smith Osborne, Richard Libertini, Dana Elcar, Jason Bernard, Selma Diamond, Eric Christmas, Gailard Sartain, Neva Patterson, Michael Ensign, Peggy Feury, Nan Martin, Basil Hoffman


Roger is called in to change the will of an aging millionairess. She has made arrangements for her soul to be 'captured' and transferred into the body of a younger girl. After an argument about the will, the millionairess dies, but her spirit somehow lands in Rogers body... ------- Edwina Cutwater is a very rich woman who doesn't want to die! So, she finds another woman willing to accept her soul, but a mistake during the "operation" sends Edwina's soul directly into the body of Roger Cobb, a passing lawyer. And the fun begins... ------- Rich but sick millionnarie Edwina Cutwater feels her untimely death coming up. She never could enjoy life, as she was either in a wheelchair or in bed, so she decided to take a chance: Prahka Lasa, a Tibetan master of meditation, should transfer her soul into the body of Terry Hoskins, whose soul therefore will become one with the universe. Accidentally, her soul is transferred into the body of her unliked lawyer Roger Cobb, whose soul remains in his body. Now, Edwina has control about the right half of Roger's body, his soul about only the left half. They struggle together to get her soul into the right body, but not without having some conflicts between themselves to solve. ------- Roger Cobb is a lawyer by day and a jazz musician at night. His boss refuses to let him to anything substantial unless he decides on what he is. When Roger says he is, his boss puts him in charge of handling the estate of Edwina Cutwater, a spoiled wealthy heiress, who tells Roger that she is dying but she has contingency plan which she wants Roger to handle. And that being she is going to leave all of her wealth to Terry Hoskins, the daughter of the groundskeeper, and she has brought a Swami from Tibet to perform a ritual wherein her soul is transferred into Terry. Roger thinks that she is being a spoiled brat, so he storms out. Later at the office the Swami is doing the ceremony when something goes wrong and Edwina enters Roger's body. Now she has control of half of his body, and all what she and Roger want is for her to get out but no one can find the Swami. And while they do, Edwina disrupts Roger's life.



94 minutes (at 29.97 frames per second)


569 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 480x360