Final Days Of Planet Earth




Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi


USA, Canada



Christian Ford, Roger Soffer


Daryl Hannah, Campbell Scott, Gil Bellows, Suleka Mathew, Beau Starr, Patrick Gilmore, Tygh Runyan, Tina Milo Milivojevic, Serge Houde, John Cassini, Michael Kopsa, William MacDonald, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Eric Breker


Lloyd Walker is an anti-heroic archaeologist who, after stumbling upon an alien conspiracy, becomes enmeshed in an against-all-odds battle to save the human race. From the enigmatic Room 86 to the doomed Pericles space mission, Walker puzzles together clues to reveal the dark purpose behind strange events occurring around San Francisco. Now, the "keeper of dead civilizations" must rescue mankind from slavery at the hands of some very big, very terrifying insect-aliens... ------- Three years ago, a team of astronaut hero miners completed a daring space expedition. In hyper-sleep they embarked on their journey home, but by the time the craft returned to Earth, their commander had gone completely mad-taking a terrible secret with him to a heavily guarded state asylum for the insane. Today, archaeologist Lloyd Walker and entomologist Marianne Winters are among a select group of people who are questioning a possible link between the tragic space mission, the mystery of the commander's madness, and a series of bizarre disappearances and strange accidents in San Francisco. The answer arrives when they stumble upon an underground colony of alien-insect-like creatures harvesting human bodies for survival. Liz, now an employee of the mayor's office, knows all too well the secret of the alien race. She is their Earth Queen. The city's highest representatives are her consorts. With police and government officials taken over by aliens masquerading as humans, Lloyd and Marianne realize they can trust no one, except Phillips, the one man who knows the ultimate goal of the aliens. He also holds the mysterious key to their defeat-it's in his blood. He is the commander himself-the sole mission survivor being held as prisoner. Lloyd and Marianne must find him before he becomes a victim of an unearthly experiment. As more human bodies are hijacked and as the Selenites horrifying harvest threatens to reach end-of-the-world proportions, a battle royal for ultimate survival between human and insect begins! ------- In the end of the Paracles Mission, an expedition to the moon to explore minerals promoted by the space agency, the commander William Phillips is somehow infected and sent to the Colonial Hospital. A couple of years later, a series of weird accidents happen in San Francisco: the archaeologist Lloyd Walker sees his dig collapsing with his assistant Jonathan and the Commissioner Korshaft sealing his site without searching the body of Jonathan; Oliver, the supervisor of a homeless shelter, finds that the birds have disappeared from the local park due to a weird noise in the underground; and the Bulgarian Bella is seeking her missing husband with her brother-in-law Nick. Meanwhile, the entomologist Marianne, who works as exterminator to finance her PHD, is invited to work for the City Hall; the salesman Spence has problem to receive his unemployment paycheck. Walker befriends the assistant of the Mayor Liz Quinlan, who advises him to meet the ombudsman in the Room 86. However, the journalist Jake Roth tells Walker that his partner has vanished after visiting the mysterious Room 86. When Walker arrives in Room 86 for the meeting with the ombudsman, he finds Marianne, Oliver, Spence, Bella and Nick in the waiting room with identical recommendation cards. Further, he notes that nobody leaves the room of the ombudsman. He advises Marianne that he would go inside alone and that he is armed, but she believes he is paranoid with a Theory of Conspiracy. However, when Walker enters the place, he discovers the dark secret of the City Hall.



167 minutes (at 23.97 frames per second)


994 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 608x352