Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi





Alex Lasker, Wendell Wellman


Freddie Jones, David Huffman, Warren Clarke, Ronald Lacey, Kenneth Colley, Klaus Löwitsch, Nigel Hawthorne, Stefan Schnabel, Thomas Hill, Clive Merrison, Kai Wulff, Dimitra Arliss, Austin Willis, Michael Currie


The Soviets have developed a revolutionary new jet fighter, called "Firefox". Naturally, the British are worried that the jet will be used as a first-strike weapon, as rumours say that the jet is indetectable on radar. They send ex-Vietnam War pilot Mitchell Gant on a covert mission into the Soviet Union to steal Firefox. ------- The Soviets have developed the MiG-31 - a fighter that flies at 6 times the speed of sound, is invulnerable to radar, and worst of all - has a lethally sophisticated weapons system that the pilot can control through thought impulses. As soon as the pilot detects a threat - either visually or on a scope - his thought impulses will direct a missile to that threat, without so much as pushing a button. Mass production of the MiG-31 will give the Russians a huge advantage. Vietnam veteran Mitchell Gant, a former USAF ace pilot, is smuggled into the USSR to infiltrate the Russian airbase at Bilyarsk, where the Firefox/MiG-31 is being finished, and STEAL THE FIREFOX! Gant manages to overpower Col. Voskov - the Russian test pilot - and steal the aircraft, just as the USSR's First Secretary arrives at the base. Now Gant will run the gauntlet of Russian defenses - land-based missiles, naval warships, and helicopters - and reach a refueling point from a US Navy submarine. But the Russians still have a trump card - a prototype MiG-31 - and they send it up in pursuit of Gant after he completes refueling! What follows is a harrowing, cat-and-mouse chase across the ice floes of the Arctic. Who will survive? ------- The Firefox is a high tech fighter plane built by the Soviet Union. It's faster than any other fighter plane, and is undetectable to radar, and has a new weapon control system that is thought controlled. When the West learns of it, they decide that it's necessary to get it before it could be mass produced. They need a pilot, and the best and probably only man for the job is Mitchell Gant, a former Air Force pilot, who is now retired. They convince him to do it, even though the chance of his success, is very slim. He begins by pretending to be a man, whom the Soviet police is investigating, when he goes to meet his contacts which includes the man he is impersonating, he is killed. The sight of his death brings about one of Gant's delayed stress attacks, but he gets away. With help from the underground, he is brought to where the plane is. Though he manages to get it, the Soviets mount an offensive to find him, which includes another version of the Firefox, which might catch up with him. ------- Mitchell Gant, once one of America's finest fighter pilots, is recruited by NATO, despite continuing bouts with battle shock (incurred in a harrowing mission in which he was captured by the Vietcong but rescued by US Air Force choppers), for a suicide mission - Soviet Russia has developed the ultimate fighter-bomber, the Firefox. A stealth warplane capable of sustained Mach Six speeds and possessing revolutionary thought-guided weaponry, the Firefox can tip the balance of international power, and the prototype's seat is form-fitted for just one pilot, Colonel Yuri Voskov - to whom Mitchell Gant is the only Western pilot with the identical physical build necessary for the special pressure suit worn. NATO contacts among Soviet dissidents smuggle Gant through Russia to the Red Air Force's testing facility in southern Ukraine, where he must steal the Firefox - and escape the wrath of the world's most powerful air-defense grid, and of a second Firefox prototype.



240 minutes (at 25 frames per second)


1714 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 608x256