Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi




Arch Oboler


Arch Oboler, James Weldon Johnson


William Phipps, Susan Douglas Rubes, James Anderson, Charles Lampkin, Earl Lee


Five people are miraculously spared when the fall-out from a super-atomic bomb eventually kills all of the rest of humanity on earth. They are Roseanne Rogers, a pregnant woman who was in an ex-ray room; Michael, a sensitive young poet and philosopher; Eric, a black man; Mr. Barnstaple, a banker; and Charles, a cosmopolitan Alpinist who was saved from the radio-active dust because he was climbing Mt. Everest at the time of the explosion and fall-out. Eventually, they all wind up in a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house on a California mountaintop. There is a lot of symbolism, especially with the mountain climber, who represents decadent and alien fascism and the banker who brings greed and arrogance to this new Eden on Earth. Soon, all that are left are the poet and the already-pregnant Rosanne, facing the sunset as the new Adam and Eve. ------- Five people are spared when a blast from a super nuclear device that kills all of humanity on earth. They are Roseanne Rogers, a married pregnant woman, who shielded in a x-ray room; Michael, ex-GI,College grad, and everyman. Charles, a black security guard & poet; Mr Peters, the aging bank manager- both was in the bank's vault, when the blast hit; And Eric, the spoiled, Elite, cosmopolitan foreigner- saved by chance as a solo climber of Mt. Everest at the time of the Blast&fallout. One by one, they end up in the cabin - a lot of symbolism, Eric - the decadent European/racist- who represents the snake; Charles, the bank guard - who is the sensitive poet and philosopher; the bank manager- Mr Peters brings the memories of the past; Roseanne - the virgin mother searching for a missing husband; Micheal- the everyman, hard working no sense guy. Soon after Mr. Peter's death, the small group is effect by Eric's evil ways bring hell to the Eden with murder, greed, arrogance and death to their small world, killing Charles and exposing the new - born baby to the toxins of the dead city. By the end of the movie all that are left are Micheal and Roseanne on a small plot of land, facing the sunset, the final survivors as Adam and eve.



92 minutes (at 23.97 frames per second)


545 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 640x480