Furankenshutain No Kaijû: Sanda Tai Gaira




Action, Horror, Sci-Fi




Ishirô Honda


Reuben Bercovitch, Ishirô Honda


Russ Tamblyn, Kumi Mizuno, Kenji Sahara, Nobuo Nakamura, Jun Tazaki, Hisaya Itô, Yoshifumi Tajima, Ren Yamamoto, Kipp Hamilton, Kôzô Nomura, Nadao Kirino, Shôichi Hirose, Tadashi Okabe, Hideo Shibuya, Ikio Sawamura


An experimental lab animal called a gargantua escapes from his captors and is suspected to be the creature that is killing people all over the countryside. But when the gargantua from the lab appears at the same time as the evil gargantua, the two begin to battle across Japan. ------- A freighter is attacked by a giant octopus during a stormy night. The octopus is then attacked buy a hairy green giant. The gargantua then turns his attention to the ship and sinks it killing and eating all the crew except for one. When the surviving crew member tells the police what happened, they call in Doctor Paul Stewart and his assistant Akemi. Several years earlier, Stewart had a younger species of the same creature and it is feared that the monster has grown up and now views man as an enemy. After several attacks, the monster is cornered in a forest in a mountain area of Japan, and is nearly killed when shot with lasers and nearly electrocuted. Just before it dies a second, bigger brown monster arrives and saves it. This is the creature that Stewart had at his lab now all grown up to over 100 feet tall. The brown one then takes the green monster away to help it recover, not knowing his "brother's" evil nature. The army then dubs the brown monster Sanda and the green one Gaira. After the green monster recovers sufficiently, he resumes his rampage. But when he stops to rest, the brown one finds out how evil his brother is and soon the two begin to fight. The green one then runs off and soon heads for Tokyo. Stewart and Akemi must now try to save Sanda before the army kills him along with his evil brother. ------- Japanese version: The sole survivor of a Japanese fishing boat is hospitalized in extreme shock, and later tells a story that no one wants to believe. In the woods, campers and hikers disappear and leave only chewed-up clothes, and other people report sightings of hairy giants. An American scientist investigates, then a Japanese scientist recounts what happened years earlier in Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû Baragon (1965). He had found a mutated feral boy with a flat head, named it Frankenstein, and it grew 20 feet tall, rampaged, and was destroyed. Now there is another Frankenstein, only it is 100 feet tall with brown fur all over. There also is a second monster just like it, only with green skin and fur, and it eats people. Both had grown out of fragments of the first monster's body. Both Frankensteins are nearly indestructible, both team up against the armed forces, and more monsters can grow from them. Then these Frankensteins turn against each other and wage a battle to the bitter end, with the city of Tokyo as their battle arena. American version: same as above, only the monsters are named Gargantuas, the green Gargantua had grown from a piece of the brown Gargantua's body, and the brown Gargantua's origin is unknown.



180 minutes (at 29.97 frames per second)


1349 MB


DivX 5 - resolution: 704x304